Disabling the Low Resolution Warning in the Designer

Want to disable the little red Low Resolution warning inside an In-Person Sales Opportunity? Here's how...

There are Two Ways to Disable this Warning:

  1. Disable it on a case-by-case basis at the Sales Opportunity level. Do this by going into the Client level, then choosing Opportunities > In-Person Opportunities > Edit Meeting. Uncheck the "Enable Low Resolution Warning" box.
  2. Disable it globally (not recommended). From your Dashboard go to Sales Settings > Selling Preferences. Click the checkbox uncheck the "Enable Low Resolution Warning" box.

What are the Implications of Disabling This Warning?

The main reason you want to keep Resolution Warnings ON is so you know that any order you place inside Swift Galleries will print at a decent quality threshold. Without these warnings in place, you may not know that a crop or image will not turn out as high-quality as you'd like.

Additionally, if you turn this feature off because you don't plan on using the images Swift Galleries hands you after placing an order, then you'll need to make sure that any cropping you do in the software of your choice matches the crops you've defined in the Swift Galleries Designer.

Why Would You Do This?

Just wanted to cover a few use cases here in case you're wondering if you should do this in your account (hint: if you're not sure if you should, then you shouldn't).

  • You live somewhere that has very slow internet and you need a way to speed up your uploads to Swift Galleries.
  • You're only using Swift Galleries to design galleries and not to sell.
  • You're not using the files Swift Galleries hands to you after you place an order in the app and you're cropping your files on your own.

A Few Points About This Feature:

  • This will only disable the warning in the In-Person Sales Opportunity. You'll still see these warnings in the Photographers View of the Designer (when you go to Clients > [Client Name] > Design).
  • Disabling the warning at the Account Level (Dashboard > Sales Settings > Selling Preferences) will only disable the warning for future sales meetings, it will not retroactively disable the setting for any sales opportunities you've already created.
  • We will still show you some resolution information on the crop screen, despite what is set for the Low Resolution warning. The only thing this disables is the little warning icon that sits on top of the image in the In-Person Sales Opportunity view of the Designer.
  • If you're not sure if you should turn this off, then you probably shouldn't turn this off. :)

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