Fulfilling Add On Images for Placed Orders

Fulfilling Add On Images for Placed Orders

If you placed an order with an Add On product and you associated some images with it, you can access this in 2 places:

  1. Downloadable Order Receipt
    1. At order confirmation time
    2. In the order details page
  2. Order Details Page

Order Receipt

Add On products in the downloadable Order Receipt will show up like this:

You will see a list of the chosen images and their original name here.

Order Details

Here is a sample order with Add Ons that include images:

  1. Click here to see the Downloadable Order Receipt
  2. Click here to receive a Zip file for the order
    1. See below for important details about the download
  3. This contains information about the Add On product itself
  4. This is a listing of the images.  Click on it to see a list of the images and links to download the full size image that was associated to the Add On product:

Order Zip

Important: The order zip does not contain the full size images.  Add On products can contain many images, and this would create a massive zip file that needs to be downloaded.  Instead, a list of the image names are included with the Add On so you don't have to download a large set of images.

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