Associating Images to Add On Products

Associating Images to an Add On Product

During the IPS checkout process you can associate images to your Add On products.  During the creation process you had the opportunity to define how many images that the Add On product supports; don't worry though, if you forgot, entered the wrong number, don't want to include all of the images, or want to include more images, Swift Galleries will allow you to do all of these things!

Choosing an Add On

At the checkout screen for choosing an add-on, select (or create) an add on product, and you'll see it in the cart:

(In this example, the product supports 20 images)

Selecting Images

Click "Select Images" and you'll see a screen like the following:

  1. This is the product image for the Add On product
  2. This is the details about the Add On product
  3. Once you've selected images, they will show up here
  4. Images that have not been disliked / culled by your client will show up here
  5. Images that have been disliked / culled by your client will show up here
  6. Click here to cancel
  7. Click here to choose the images

And this is how it will look if you select an image.  Note that the counts change to inform you how you're tracking against the number of images you specified that the product supports (you do not have to meet this number; you may go above, at, or below that number):

Important: Note that the image shows up in the "Yes" section as well as the "Selected Images" section.  This is done so that if you have a lot of images / collapse the selected section you can see which images you have already chosen.

Reviewing Images

At the review screen of the checkout process you can do one final review of the images you've chosen for the Add On product:

Click "View Images" to see a similar screen to before:

A key difference is this is only for review; if you need to make changes, head back to the Add On section to manage the images.

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