Creating New Products by Loading from Swift Galleries

There are three ways to create a new Product:

  1. Load from Swift Galleries
  2. Import a Swift Galleries Product File CSV
  3. Create it from scratch (manually) from within Swift Galleries.

Navigate to Products then to Manage Products:

Click the Add Product button on the right:

Click the Load from Swift Galleries button:

Click the Load button for the product you want to load into your Swift Galleries account; you can also do a search if you're looking for a particular lab or product:

Make any changes to the information that will upload for this one product:

  1. Product Type
    Wrapped - Examples include gallery wrapped canvas or print wraps - where you can choose if the image goes around the sides of the product. In the Designer as well as your Studio Preferences you'll be able to choose a preference (white, black, or image wrap).
  2. Measurement System - Choose Imperial or Metric.
  3. Product Name - This name will be visible by clients. If you plan on having more than one option for a product (say, a 3/4" deep canvas and a 1.5" deep canvas) you may want to be a bit more specific.
  4. Lab Name - This will not be visible by clients. When going through the entirety of the Swift Galleries cart/checkout system during an in-person sales meeting or online sales opportunity, we do include this onto your filenames, in case you use more than one lab, to make ordering from your lab less confusing for you.
  5. Edge Wrap - Note this is not the same as the depth of a product. So if this is a print wrap or gallery wrapped canvas, for instance, you need to make sure you're showing the correct crop that will include any image that may be wrapped around the back of the product. For example, a 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas may have an edge wrap of 2 inches per side.
  6. Description - This will be visible by clients when you're editing a product or adding a new product to a room photo. It will not be used in your order form, so you don't need to make sure to include every option you've added (rounded corners, bumpers, etc.) unless you have some products with and some without and this will make choosing the correct product easier.
  7. The color you choose here will be used anywhere you see empty templates or galleries, to help you know what product you're seeing. If you have more than one framed product and more than one unframed product, you may want to use different colors.

By clicking the Product Sizes tab (image above), you'll see the available sizes and prices. Some labs have inch-by-inch size options, so if there are any sizes not included in this list that you want to add, you can do that here (or delete any you want to get rid of). You can make these changes later when you're in the product in Manage Products, but if you want to get this done now you can. The included price is 4x physical cost, so you may also want to make changes here as well. Please make sure to pay attention to the product descriptions - we at Swift Galleries do our best to be as specific as possible for products that have a lot of different options, so you know what we used when coming up with pricing.

Now click Save Product. Then go load another if you'd like!

Helpful Hint! We at Swift Galleries do our best to keep size and price information up to date, so please let us know if you see anything incorrect when loading products in Swift Galleries. Thanks!

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