Payment Collection

Swift Galleries offers commission-free payment collection so you can use our cart system to process your clients' payments (everything is secured with Stripe, the industry-leading payment processing company).

We don't take a dime of your sale and we don't charge any additional fees to use payment collection.

The only fees you'll pay are Stripe's standard credit card processing fee (which you'd pay anywhere to process cards).

Swift Galleries does not require you to collect payment through us and Payment Collection is turned off by default. 


Toggle Payment Collection

The first time you turn on payment collection, you'll be taken to our payment processor's website (Stripe) to grant permission to your account. If you do not have a Stripe account, you will need to create one. Then you'll be redirected back to Swift Galleries with payment collection enabled.

From this point forward, simply click the button to enable or disable payment collection for the checkout process.

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