Client Images


To access this section, follow these steps:

Clients > Manage Clients > Click the client you want to manage > Manage Images tab

1. Current Images

Here you can see your current images. If you would like to change the image that is being used as the Title image, click "Make Title" (#4) on the image you'd like to make the title.

If you'd like to delete an image, click "Delete" (#5). Please note the following when deleting an image:

  • If the image is the current title image, Swift Galleries will automatically select a new title image for you
  • If the image is included in a suggestion, that suggestion will be deleted

2. Download Image List

After going through the Choose Images step during an in-person sales meeting, a .txt file is created here for you to download. This list shows the name of the client (chosen when you set up the In-Person Sales Opportunity), date of the in-person sales meeting, and button to click to download the .txt. The file, when opened will look like this:

You can use this list if you are offering Yes images in a certain product (image files, social media files, etc.).

3. Add Images

You may drop images here or click to get the file selector.

File Name note: The file names you see are those you gave your client files. These file names will not change. Once a client's order has processed and you download the zip file for the order, you will see these file names have been appended with additional information like size and product type, and lab, for ease of ordering.

Files are put into file name order. If you give file numbers such as HHuntEng_01.jpg with the necessary placeholder 0 in the tens place, as long as you have no more than 99 images, every image will stay in numeric order. If you forget the tens placeholder (we prefer file names such as HHuntEng_0001.jpg) then your files will end up out of order.

Correct file names for correct order:

If you are using Lightroom, be sure to export your files with placeholder zeros. Below are the screen shots after clicking Export in Lightroom to follow to get the correct placeholders:

Lightroom: Rename to > Edit

Lightroom: Sequence and Data > Sequence # (0001)

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