Updating Your Subscription


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Updating Your Subscription

1. Subscription Plan

You can choose between the various plans available to you here. All subscriptions shown are in USD / United States Dollars.


If you change from a more expensive plan, say $240 / year, to a less expensive plan, say $24 / month, part of the way through your more expensive plan we will pro-rate you accordingly.

So if you just signed up for the $240 / year plan and switch immediately to the $24 / month plan, you will receive 10 months on the $24 / month plan.

2. Use Card Ending in XXXX

If you are an existing user you will see this option to use your card on file. If you uncheck it, or you are a new user, you will see this:

3. Coupon

If you have a Swift Galleries coupon code and would like to apply it when signing up or changing your plan, please add the coupon here. Coupon codes are case sensitive so be sure to double check upper/lower case.

Note that if you forget to add your coupon you can add it later on the Manage Subscription page.

4. Current Subscription

A reminder of your current plan and billing period. This matches what is found on the Manage Subscription page.

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