Managing Studio Preferences


Studio Preferences

General Preferences

  • Default Client Expiration Days - the number of days you want to allow an online sales opportunity access to their galleries link. You can set a specific date when you set up an online sales opportunity if you'd like, but Swift Galleries automatically chooses an expiration date based on this number.
  • Shipping Fee - the default shipping fee you'd like to apply to online orders.
  • Copy Me on Emails to My Clients - check this if you want to receive a copy of the emails to your clients that Swift Galleries automatically sends for online sales opportunities.

Product Preferences

  • Canvas Wrap Choice - the type of wrap to use for new canvases within the Designer. This choice will automatically be used when saving a template in Manage Templates.
  • Measurement System - your preferred measurement system. You may override this when creating new product types. You can choose Imperial (inches) or Metric (centimeters).

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