Adding an IPS Session to Your Calendar

When managing an IPS session, you have the option to click on the calendar button to add the meeting to your calendar.

You may choose between the various options to add it to your calendar. If you aren't sure, Apple Calendar / Outlook should download and work in any calendar.

Please be aware that we attempt to guess your time zone. However, it's possible that your location could not be determined and you should review the time zone that is set with the meeting.

If you download the file (Apple Calendar / Outlook) make sure to open the file once it is downloaded to add it to your calendar.

For the online options simply follow the pages that are opened. Note that these are specific to each of the products and not developed or maintained by Swift Galleries.

We'll include the following:

  • Client Name
  • Client Contact Information
  • Meeting time
  • Meeting notes (if you added any)
  • Meeting location
  • A link to the IPS meeting

Because a link to the IPS meeting is included (and any of your internal notes), do not share this calendar event with your client.

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