Adding Photos to the Wall

The photos panel contains all of the photos you've uploaded for the given client (on the left of the room photo below).

Note for In-Person Sales Usage

During an IPS session, if you and the client marked photos with an X while choosing/culling images, those X images will be shown at the bottom of the photos list with an X icon across the bottom.

Adding the Photo to the Wall as a New Product

Click on a photo thumbnail:

And choose "Add to Wall". You will be taken through the add new product flow and, once you add the product to the wall, it will have the image placed in it.

You can also choose a photo for a product by clicking twice (double-clicking) on a product to select that product then double-clicking and choosing from the photos on the left, or clicking twice on a product to select that product then Choose Photo from the bottom left options. Even better (or faster), use a keyboard shortcut - with the single product chosen (outlined in red), you can simply type "c" to choose a photo.

Zooming In

Click on a photo in the photo panel on then click Zoom In.

To zoom in even more on one image, just click the magnifying glass with the + in it on the top right and you can click and drag to pan around the image once you're zoomed in. To exit the zoom view, click the X at the top right corner of the screen.

Note: This does not crop an image. To crop an image, first place it in a product (or create a new product), then crop.

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