Emails Sent by Swift Galleries

Swift Galleries sends a variety of emails, both to you and your clients.

Emails to You

  • Registration Email - sent when you first sign up to confirm you're a real person
  • Forgot Password Email - sent when you follow the "Forgot Password" link on the login page
  • Subscription Charge Succeeded Email - sent when Swift Galleries charges you for your subscription
  • Subscription Charge Failed Email - sent when Swift Galleries attempted to charge you for your subscription but your credit card was declined
  • Client Requesting Access to Expired Gallery - sent when your client requests access to an expired gallery
  • Order Sale Email - sent when an order is placed
  • Room Upload Email - sent when you request an email with a link to upload a room photo
  • Client Accessed a Gallery with No Products - ideally you will never see this; but in case you invited a client and then removed all of your products, this is a gentle reminder to add products in for your client

Emails to Your Client

  • Invitation Email - sent when you invite an online customer via an online sales opportunity
  • Client Room Upload Email - sent when the client requests an email to upload their own room photo
  • Order Confirmation Email - sent when the client places an order. This should be used as their invoice
  • Gallery Expires Soon Email - sent when the client's gallery will close 3 days from sending

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