In-Person Sales Designer View

The In-Person Sales Designer is a blend of client and photographer designers (see both sets of bullet points below):

  • You can add items to the cart and go through the checkout process, which includes add-ons, discounts, and payment processing if you are in the United States and have it turned on.
  • You cannot create or save new suggestions.

At your account level and for a specific client when you create the in-person sales meeting:

  • You can decide to start in advanced mode or simplified mode,
  • You can decide to show or hide prices,
  • You can decide to show or hide product sizes

Reminder: when starting in simplified mode, you can access advanced mode by clicking the down arrow above your saved suggestions (see below).

Utilize the designer as you usually would from here (click once to select and manipulate one opening, click and drag over multiple openings, or type Command + A to select everything, etc.). When you and your client are happy with a gallery you'll add it to the cart, add as many more galleries after that, and go to Review Cart.

Note: the Skip Wall Art button changes to a Review Cart button once you have added any wall art to the cart, like this:

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