Reading the Income Report


Income Report

The Income Report contains a timeframe (defaults to the start of this current calendar year until the end of this current calendar year), the orders that were not excluded in this time period, and the totals for the orders in this time period. 

This report is intended to allow you to summarize your sales activity for tax purposes, performance of your business, and to identify orders in a certain timeframe.

1. Setting the Timeframe

Click on the Start Date and End Date selectors to pick the time range that you'd like the report to filter within. Note that the rows in section 2 and the totals in section 3 will update accordingly.

2. Orders in the Timeframe

This is where the orders will show up. Here is a quick definition of each of the columns:

  • Order #: This is the order number within the system and a link to the order details screen for this order
  • Opportunity Type: Identifies this order as an In-Person Session sale or Online sale
  • Date: The date the order was placed
  • Client: Your client's name and email address (if you click on the name link)
  • Subtotal: The total of all the items in the cart, including any add-ons you may have sold if it is an In-Person sale
  • Discount: The total amount of all the discounts that were applied to the order
  • Shipping: The amount you charged for shipping on the order
  • Taxes: The amount of taxes that were calculated for the order
  • Total: The grand total for the order (Subtotal - Discount + Shipping + Taxes)
  • Processor Fee: This is the amount that our payment gateway charged for the total transaction

3. Totals

This section contains the totals for all orders in this timeframe. If you have more orders than show up on the page, the report will still show totals for the timeframe. For instance, if you only show 10 orders per page but have 25 orders in the timeframe, the totals section will reflect the total of all 25 and not the visible 10 on the current page. You can change pages to see more orders if you have more orders than will fit on the current page.

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