Creating an Add On Product

Creating Add On Products 

Add on products can be created ahead of time (account setup) or on-the-fly at checkout time.

During Account Setup 

To get to your Add Ons (that is, non wall art products), click Manage then Add Ons. The image below is what you'll see when you do not have any Add Ons in your Swift Galleries account.

  1. Click "Create Add On" to create a new product that is not wall art. These products will not be visible during an in-person sales meeting until you're in the checkout cart since we won't automatically assign specific image files, unlike what we do with wall art in the Designer. You'll fill in all the columns:
    1. Category
    2. Lab
    3. Description
    4. Notes
    5. Number of Images
      1. This is used at checkout time to associate images with the add-on product
    6. Cost
    7. Price
      1. This can be done now, or you can use the cost multiplier (see #3 below).
  2. Once you have a list of add on products, you'll be able to click the CSV (Mac) or Excel (other OS) buttons to download your full list of add on products.
  3. After you build add ons (steps below), you'll be able to set your retail prices using this multiplier if you prefer.
  4. Clear and Save buttons are pretty self-explanatory. Be sure to click the blue Save Add Ons button after you've put your add on products in, or made any changes. This includes if you click the Clear Add Ons button - if you click the Clear button on accident just reload the page without clicking the Save button, and you'll get all your add on products back.

Here's what it looks like with a couple saved add ons:

Helpful Hint! Include placeholder text in the Notes category for any add ons that you may need to remember to put specific info into, like albums. Here's a great example: Matte paper; Linen Cover Color: XXXXX; Blind Debossing: XXXXX. That way when you're going through the order with your client in their sales meeting you can be sure you have them choose everything they need, and you have it all written down in the order!

On The Fly During a Sales Meeting

Need to sell something that's not already in your product list during a sales meeting? No problem. Just proceed to check out and click the "Add Ons" button:

From there, you'll want to add an Add On to the cart:

"But... we don't have that as an add on yet, Chris!" No problem... scroll to the bottom of your list of existing add ons and click "Choose a Custom Add On":

Now just enter the product details for your custom Add On product and, if you'd like to continue offering this product in the future, click the "Save For Later" checkbox:

And that's it, you've added your new product to the order!

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